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Nicotine Free Worx

Quit using Tobacco/Nicotine and start saving money!

If you or your spouse/dependent is currently a tobacco user, the WellHealth Worx can help you/them quit and save you money! Tobacco users have the opportunity to start a tobacco cessation program and enroll in the non-tobacco user health plan.

To learn more, schedule a FREE consultation with one of our qualified medical professionals.

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Available Programs

Additional Free Programs

St. Vincent Tobacco Cessation
St. Francis Smoking Cessation

Free Smoking Cessation RX

Prescription drugs, prescribed by WellHealth Worx, are available to help smokers quit. Please schedule an appointment to learn more.

To remain on the non-tobacco user health plan,employees, spouces & dependents must not use tobacco products or be in accordance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). HIPAA states that participants may be excused if it has been determined to be unreasonably difficult due to a health factor or medically inadvisable to meet the requirements under the program.

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