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Let’s Talk About Seasonality

As the seasons change, so does our produce. You can find most produce throughout the year however every fruit and vegetable has it’s optimal growing season depending on it’s growing region.

In-Season Produce: Tastes Better

Produce picked after it’s able to grow on the vine till it ripe and ready to pick is going to have the most flavor.

In-Season Produce: Contains More Nutrients

Just like flavor, produce picked at it’s peak ripeness will have the most micronutrient density (vitamins and minerals). When fruits and vegetables are stored for long periods of time, their nutritional value rapidly declines.

In-Season Produce: Costs Less

Produce that is in season typically costs less due to farmers harvesting in abundance. Fresh produce may still not be in the budget. Rememeber, frozen, canned, and dried are all good options! Also, eating out-of-season produce is better than none.

In-Season Produce: Is Fresher

Out-of-season produce typically has been exposed to gases and radiation to destroy germ. Additionally, to extend their shelf-life, the produce is preserved in wax. With fresh, in season produce you don’t need to worry about them being transported from overseas or stored for long periods of time.

Check out Indiana’s Harvest calendar to see what’s in season!