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Virtual ADA Tour de Cure

Virtual ADA Tour de Cure

Registering for a race can be a great way to get active during the pandemic, especially if you are lacking motivation. The variability in a training plan has its perk in comparison to just maintenance running.



If you are running during the pandemic, make sure you are following the CDC guidelines to keep yourself and others safe.

  • Run alone – take this time to enjoy nature and clear your mind by yourself. Don’t call up your running buddy or running group.
  • Avoid touching anything – bring a full water bottle with you and use your elbow when touching traffic light buttons.
  • Keep distance – be sure to maintain 6ft distance from others.
  • DO NOT RUN IF YOU ARE SICK – if you feel illness coming on, do not go out and run. Get plenty of nutrients and fluids in and rest. Let your body build it’s strength and immunity back up before you go back out.
  • Try running during times that aren’t super busy (e.g. early mornings) to avoid crowding.

Join us!

The American Diabetes Association’s annual Tour de Cure is virtual on June 6th this year. Not only are your benefiting yourself physically and mentally, you are help fundraise for life-saving research, education, and advocacy.

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