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Easy-to-do Meal Prep for Meals on the Road

Easy-to-do Meal Prep for Meals on the Road

Do you feel like you basically work in your car or truck? If you answered yes, you may have found it tempting to stop at fast food restaurants or gas stations for a quick food option. Or maybe you pack your lunch but struggle knowing what to bring!

This post is for YOU!

Need a quick breakfast option? Here are some quick, easy combos and options:

Try to have some sort of protein with your breakfast. This will keep you full and fueled because proteins digest slower than carbohydrates!

Meal prepping lunch

1). Have meals pre-cooked in Tupperware containers so they are easy to pop in the microwave and already pre-portioned out. This can help you avoid overeating and temptations to stop at a fast food restaurant if they are already prepared.

2). Keep it simple! Don’t complicate things. Aim for a balanced, nutritious meal that won’t make you sluggish and tired midday. Focus on protein, healthy fats, fruits and veggies.

3). Avoid buying/having junk food available in your car or truck. When you are making trips to the grocery store, limit or eliminate highly processed food items from your list like potato chips, crackers, cookies. “Foods” like Cheez-its are easy to grab as a snack, but hard to put down. Do yourself a favor – don’t put them in your shopping cart.

4). Don’t limit yourself. Nowadays you can bring hot and cold options. Pack a cooler or a bring a portable food heater like this one found on Amazon!

Check out these options:

Bistro Boxes from the Kitchn– great for piecing together a balanced lunch full of fiber and nutrients

Chicken Salad from Paleo Grubs, Egg Salad from Primavera Kitchen, or Tuna Salad from Flav City – with veggie sticks, crackers, or in a wrap

Salsa Chicken & Green Rice Bowls With Black Beans & Roasted Bell Peppers from Work Week Lunch

Shrimp Cauliflower Fried Rice by Clean Food Crush

Easy Chicken Shawarma Salad from Baking Mischief

Chickpea Salad from Chelsea’s Messy Apron

No-Reheat Crunchy Thai Chicken Wraps by Work Week Lunch

Want more lunch ideas? Check out the WellHealth Worx Pinterest Lunch Inspo board!