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Avoid the Carb Coma this Thanksgiving

You can still indulge on your favorites but here are some tips on how to not to over-do it!

Get your potato fix, but make it more nutritious!

  • Re-evaluate the fats you are cooking with. Opt for oils and fats like: avocado oil, extra virgin olive oil, ghee, or grass-fed butter. Remove canola and vegetable oil from your cabinets – as these are inflammatory fats.
  • Roast potatoes. This method of cooking can add flavor and texture, whereas boiling potatoes – you lose flavor! When we lose flavor we tend to add things like creams and butter to compensate.
  • Get smaller potatoes. The nutrients, vitamins, and minerals are found in the peel. With smaller potatoes, you’ll eat more of the “skin”!

Use nut flours

  • Nut butters do not undergo bleaching or extraction of nutrients like traditional flours
  • They are also typically higher in protein and fiber and lower in carbs than traditional
  • Just be aware of any nuts allergies and if any recipes need revised due to differing densities in flours

Eat your favorite carby food last. Research shows that we remember it better and will be less likely to have more later.

Try eating with your non-dominant hand. This will help slow you down while eating your favorite holiday foods.

Sip Smarter. Liquid carbs and sugars add up fast. Check out our post on Low Cal alcoholic beverages! You can still have your mom’s famous eggnog or a holiday Sangria – but be mindful of moderation!

BYO lower carb dish that you enjoy. Check out this delicious low carb cauliflower mash!


If you feel like you’ve overdone it on the carbs this Thanksgiving – don’t beat yourself up! Practice gratitude for your health, body, food, family this year.


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