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A Royal Pain in the Butt

A Royal Pain in the Butt

Did you know?!

Sitting on your wallet can cause anatomical changes to your pelvic alignment leading to:

  1. Back pain
  2. Muscle soreness
  3. Sciatica- Compression of your sciatic nerve resulting in leg pain
  4. Muscle imbalances- Adaptive shortened muscles on the side your wallet is on and long and weak muscles on the opposite side
  5. Rotated pelvis- Tilting of the pelvis causing stress on ligaments and resultant pain in the hip, groin, and low back

Signs and Symptoms Include: 

  1. Low back pain slightly off the spine to one side or another
  2. Wrap around hip pain that may or may not go into the groin
  3. Pelvic Rotation- Pain that travels down the leg, but not past the knee
  4. Sciatica- Pain in the buttocks that radiates down the back of the leg to the calf or foot


  1. Carry only the essentials in your wallet
  2. When it is time to sit, move the wallet to your front pocket
  3. Change to a front pocket wallet