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3 Tips on Practicing Gratitude this Thanksgiving

3 Tips on Practicing Gratitude this Thanksgiving

This is obviously going to be a different holiday season than most, however we still have so much to be grateful for. Here are 3 tips to start practicing this powerful emotion this Thanksgiving and after.

1). Think of 3 things you are grateful for every day. It doesn’t matter when or how – just do it! Maybe when you first get out of bed, as you are brushing your teeth, make it a habit to think of these 3 things. Your pet. People. Food. Shelter. Toothpaste – whatever it may be! Accept each day as a gift.

2). Express gratitude more often. Instead of just saying “thank you” try showing genuine appreciation, for example “Thank you for helping me when you…” or “I really appreciated it when you…”. Not only can you express it through words, you can express it through acts of kindness like holding the door open for someone, writing a note to thank someone, or folding someone’s laundry you normally wouldn’t.

3). Comparison is the thief of joy. Work on not comparing yourself and your life to others. It can be very tempting when we are surrounded by it, especially on the internet. Be thankful for what you have. If you focus on everything that you don’t have, you will never have enough!

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